5 Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Classroom

social media in calssroom

Social media is such an important part of modern society, especially for students. In many schools, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked on school computers while some schools have started taking a different approach by including social media into the educational system. So here in this slideshow we are going to show you some pros and cons of using social media in the classroom.


  • Build Students Relationship: – Social media sites give a chance to get in touch with each other in regards to class tasks, bunch assignments or for help on homework assignments.
  • Empower Students in Participation: – Students who don’t take an interest frequently in class can express their thoughts through social media. Despite the fact that this ought will not totally supplant in class participation, but it can help students to build their confidence and also help to urge them to discover their voice and have the capacity to take part in class.
  • Help Students With Homework: – When students have queries in any subjects regarding for dissertation writing, or any academic writing they can directly post a message asking for help. Even they can write a specific query to the faculty on their wall which other students can also see and take benefit.
  • Offer Notes Quickly: – If the instructor needs to direct students to a specific online asset they can without much of a stretch impart the website through social networking sites like twitter. On the off chance that the instructor needs the class to visit a specific webpage they should simply tweet the site and the whole class can see it with a single click.
  • Help to stay connected with parents: – Sites like Facebook and Stunited allow teachers to easily communicate through private messages to parents and students. It is very useful for teachers to be able to post on online networking destinations about project work, homework assignments and even school occasions


  • Make disturbance in Class:- Social media in the classroom will play a major role in disturbance to the students during lessons. Students can undoubtedly create trouble in the classroom and it could be troublesome for educators tell who is focused or not.
  • Inappropriate Use of Social Media: – Many of Students will attempt to get to networking site in the classroom for personal interaction rather than for school related exercises.
  • Stage fever: – If students are cheered to take an interest in class discussions online networking sites, this could affect their capacity to associate in up close and personal circumstances. Students still need to understand how to have a debate with individuals, even in this current innovation based world.
  • Digital harassment:-Some students have faced digital provocation through online networking sites. If social networking sites are allowed in schools this could increase digital harassment where students write hurtful messages targeting other students.
  • Posting inappropriate content: – A student may post inappropriate content such as pornography, which would create difficulties for other students. It would be difficult to monitor how students use social media sites.

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